Since 2011, Riabacke & Co is run by Ari & Mona Riabacke, who both hold PhD’s in risk- and decision analysis. They are members of the Decide Research group at Stockholm University and have spent time abroad as guest researchers. Ari has been Head of Business Intelligence at one of Sweden’s largest Management and IT companies and Mona has been project manager for business intelligence solutions.

Businesses and organizations that make better and faster decisions, and realize their decisions more efficiently are more successful than their rivals. Adopting an explicit decision perspective where more discipline is injected into how decisions are made has never been more important than today. This is where we come into the picture.

Riabacke & Co offer workshops, speeches, courses and advisory services in order to help businesses and individuals improve their decision-making. Sometimes, we give speeches to create an understanding of how people and businesses function, while other times, we help identify the most important decisions and assure that the decision-making processes are in line with a company’s established goals and strategies. Often, we help by providing the necessary structures to meet the preconditions for better decision-making.

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Riabacke & Co offer speeches that guarantee to open your senses to how you can make wiser decisions and improve business in a rapidly changing world of information overload. Ari and Mona Riabacke will challenge your thinking of how decisions are made in your personal life as well as the increasingly complex business world – decisions that are still predominantly made with brains dating back to the stone-age while we now live in a ‘cyber-age’.

They are Sweden’s leading decision-making experts and skillfully navigate between their research findings and the decision-making of the future in their inspiring speeches – speeches that are equally suitable for top-level management as for kick-offs or customer events. Ari is one of Scandinavia’s most sought-after speakers, he has been hot-listed as one of the leading speakers within industry by the magazine Dagens Industri, and Mona is without a doubt Northern Europe’s only female keynote within the area.


When we work with businesses and organizations on improving the effectiveness of their decision-making, we focus on the main areas Culture, Processes and IT/Information. We begin by examining the current decision-making through a web-based survey, scalable to include just a few people, a department or the whole company to give us an idea of how decisions are made today. Thereafter, we compile and analyze the results. During a workshop, we jointly go through the preconditions and challenges in the areas that have the biggest effect on how decisions are actually being made. The results from a decision review provide a comprehensive perspective of the current decision-making and concrete measures for continued work.


We offer tailor-made courses, suitable for both organizations as well as individuals. During our courses – based on the five steps of the decision pyramid – we mix theory with practical exercises where the participants apply their newly acquired knowledge. You will also share experiences through group discussions. After completing the course, you will get an increased understanding of what it is that affects our decision-making and tools to quickly start improving your everyday decisions.

”Dr. Ari Riabacke and Dr. Mona Riabacke will do to management literature what Swedish House Mafia did to music. This book is an upbeat, energetic blend of art and science. It makes me want to dance.”  – Magnus Lindkvist, Trendspotter and Futurologist

An inspiring and engaging book about making wise and breakthrough decisions in business and life.

● Highly accessible and easy to take in – the book is an attractive blend of text and illustration.
● The practical and applied version of Daniel Kahneman’s bestselling Thinking, Fast and Slow.
● Authors bring a mix of science and practical business, resulting in a highly original book about decision-making.
● Potential cult bestseller, that will attract impulse buyers and travellers – decision making is a critical part of our lives.

 The Swedish version of the book was shortlisted for best HR book of 2014 by the leading Swedish magazine Personal & Ledarskap.