About us

We, Mona & Ari, met through research and little did we know then that our joint studies would lead to a life together, a life with many kids and our own company. We both hold PhD’s in risk- and decision analysis, a subject which at first glance may sound dull and academic, but has been very useful for us both personally as well as professionally. It has helped us help others, and we have managed to convert research theories into practice.

We have both worked as Risk and Decision experts in different settings before co-founding Riabacke & Co in 2011. We decided to quit interesting jobs during a time when family life was hectic (our four kids were all under age 10) to follow our dream. We wanted to work with the things we loved and believed in, and to manage our own time. We live as we teach, and we have realized that one of our greatest skills is to get things done, and to make others make decisions that they never even dreamed of.

Today, we give speeches, hold workshops, act as advisors and host the podcast Beslutspodden.


We offer speeches that will make you consider reality from a new perspective. Why do we do the things we do, what drives us, and how can we better lead others during times of change? We help people develop, perform better and to dare more.

In our inspiring, at times provocative and entertaining speeches, we take you on a cohesive journey between research findings, our experiences from the business world, and the challenges of running a family. Our unique mix of research knowledge and business expertise offers the possibility to tailor our speeches depending on your aim. We inspire, trigger thoughts and give advice that will make a difference in your lives and at work.

About our book

”Dr. Ari Riabacke and Dr. Mona Riabacke will do to management literature what Swedish House Mafia did to music. This book is an upbeat, energetic blend of art and science. It makes me want to dance.”  – Magnus Lindkvist, Trendspotter and Futurologist

An inspiring and engaging book about making wise and breakthrough decisions in business and life.

● Highly accessible and easy to take in – the book is an attractive blend of text and illustration.
● The practical and applied version of Daniel Kahneman’s bestselling Thinking, Fast and Slow.
● Authors bring a mix of science and practical business, resulting in a highly original book about decision-making.
● Potential cult bestseller, that will attract impulse buyers and travellers – decision making is a critical part of our lives.

 The Swedish version of the book was shortlisted for best HR book of 2014 by the leading Swedish magazine Personal & Ledarskap.